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Educational Activities

Income through Maqam is being spent for educational activities. Maqam Committee provides financial support for 3 Madrassas and Juma masjid in Mamburam.Maqam is also the financial backborn of Darul Huda Islamic University which was established to mould younger generation of scholars who are capable of propagating Islam throughout the world. DHIU and co-institutions are working under Darul Huda Managing committee which looks after Maqam too.

Darul Huda Islamic University

Darul Huda Islamic Academy (DHIA) was established on 25th June 1985 in order to prepare religious scientists (Ulama) who are capable of propagating Islam all over the world / who acquire, practice and propagate Islam being alert their ultimate responsibilities. DHIA was formally upgraded as university in 2009. Plethora of under graduate institutions and off campus is working under DHIU- member of Cairo based League of Islamic Universities and Morocco based Federation of the Universities of Islamic World. About 8000 students are following curriculum put forward by DHIU as it is incorporating both religious and secular education. Off campuses are aimed to foster the educational and social development of Muslim community. HADIA- alumni association of DHIU-is also providing support for developmental activities in various states by establishing primary religious educational institutions for dignified existence of Muslim Ummah.

Sayyid Mouladdaveela Hifzul Quran College

Sayyid Mouladdaveela Hifzul Quran College is an institution established by Darul Huda managing committee, intending to create space for students to by heart holy Quran. It situates near to Maqam. College which commenced on 2010 is providing 3 year long course for studying Quran. More than 60 students are provided with hostel facilities.

Fathima Zahra Islamic Womens’ College

Fathima Zahra Islamic Womens’ College is an institution aimed at providing quality education for womens. 6 year course which incorporates both Islamic and secular education is provided by the institution. More than 300 students are currently studying using hostel facilities.

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