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Descendants of Mampuram Thangal

Most of descendants of Mampuram sayyid Alavi Thangal and son sayyid Fadl Pookoya Thangal are now living in the coastal region of Syria, Latakia.
Some of them are living in Iraq and Egypt. They were found after a long effort of Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammed Nadwi, vice chancellor of Darul huda. They have invited him to Syria with a rousing invitation and they expressed heartfelt approval in unison for being used the Mampuram Maqam and its revenues by Darul Huda religious educational system and Sayyid Shareef Zainul Abid has handed over the letter to Bahauddeen Muhammed nadwi informing the approval for chancellor sayyid Hyderali shihab Thangal. Dr Bahauddeen nadwi had left there being known they would come soon to Kerala for visiting their ancestors’ graves in the lead of Abu Swafi sayyid shareef Zainul Abideen who was the head of the family. Thus, in 2010 January at the behest of father, his son sayyid shareef Swafi and nephew sayyid sahl bin fadl happened to come Kerala to visit Mampuram and contact with relatives as well as Darul Huda Islamic university. It was a good end for the Mauladhaveela family for their homecoming efforts. Still they are conversing with Darul Huda in a good manner. At the end 2017 their representatives visited here. Above mentioned sayyid Zainul Abideen died in 2013 September 28 at his age of 103.

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