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Sayyid Hasan Jifri, the aunt and father in law of Sayyid Alawi was the first one to be buried here. Many people of different castes and religions had come there before and after his demise due to his vigorous interference in their social and religious spheres. They had a custom of making decisions for everything only after discussing with Sayyids. Many British works and other reliable sources have reported that the people entered battlefield in anti- British struggles with the blessings of these Sayyids. Sayyid Alawi converted the buried place of Hasan Jifri into a shrine. Later, a merchant from Karachi expanded it and made more facilitated. It is said that he saw a light from Mampuram while he had lost his way in the sea; so he did it as a sign of gratitude.

After the demise of Hasan Jifri, his family members also wanted their tombs in his vicinity. Sayyid Alawi and his wives were buried there according to their will. Later on, this soil was blessed with many other Sayyids of their family. As a result, the flow of people coming to this land increased in a large amount. Gradually, this land of 17 cent was well known as "Mampuram Maqam".


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