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The administrative affairs of Mampuram maqam is being run under the aegis of Darul Huda Islamic Academy Committee, the management of Darul Huda Islamic University, Chemmad. In 1999, the owners Jifri family handed over its administration to Darul Huda with a written agreement. After the Jumu'a prayer of 3rd Dec, Friday, Maqam manager Sayyid Abdurrahman Jifri officially announced its handing over and gave them the key. Sayyid Umer Ali Shihab, president of Darul Huda that time, Bapputty haji and other dignitaries were also present in that blessed occasion. On 3rd May of 2005, the members of Jifri family who were fully satisfied with the smooth running of Maqam under Darul Huda management, unanimously made a decision and gave its absolute authority through a registered document.

Descendants of Sayyid Alawi in Syria expressed heartfelt approval in unison for being used the Mampuram maqam and its revenue for Darul huda’s religious educational system by handling their official letter in 2009.

Darul Huda managing committee has so far fulfilled its administrational duty in a very effective and systematic manner. The income from maqam is used for various purposes including salary of workers, financial assistance of the poor, Home construction and conducting marriages. It is also used for the educational activities of Darul Huda's off campuses in other states, with a clear intention of contributing extra talented scholars with a high proficiency in multiple languages, capable of carrying the responsibility of propagation. Darul Huda's expenses count up to one billion per month.

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