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Sayyid Fadl Pookoya Thangal

In 1240, he was born to Mampuram Sayyid Alavi Thangal and Fathima daughter of Abubackar Madani Koyilandi. He grew up in spiritual care of his father. He was twenty when his father died. He turned out to be a true descendant of Sayyid Alavi. His sermons and spiritual gatherings were acclaimed. Ground root societies have commenced to embrace Islam enmasse on account of deplorable diabolic encroachments of tenants towards them. Sayyid fadl came forward as a shelter to shield their faith. His policies provoked British and made him under suspicion. Sayyid fadl was further ahead than Sayyid Alavi against anti British-tenants struggles.
He has used to denote such matters in Friday prayers. The book Udhathul Umaraa written by him was effective to stir up the spirit against anti British movements but, immature and inaccessible onslaughts haven't been appreciated by him. But collector Kanoli declared that Sayyid Fadl was responsible for the entire fighting in the region and British commission pronounced to exile him. He hasn't stood against the verdict for the safety of people and home land. In1852, March 19, (1268) 52 members including him and his two sons and sister boarded the ship for Arabia from Parappanangadi after informing close relatives and friends.
After his exile, sporadic attacks were broken out in Malabar by British. Mappila people avenged the exile by assassinating collector Kanoli in 1855. Sayyid Fadl and people have reached Yemen. Couple of them stayed in Hadhramaut where the rest and Sayyid left to Salalah. They reached Istanbul, capital of Turkey, traveling through Egypt. Then they departed to Mecca and stayed there for 18 years. In 1871 he returned to Constantinople. In 1876 he was appointed as governor of Yemen. But, he returned to Constantinople giving up the governorship. As per invitation of Sultan Abdul Hamid, he worked as an advisor. He has been awarded the honorific title”Pasha” by Ottoman caliphate in terms of his tremendous activities.
In H 1318 (AC 1901), he died in Istanbul and laid to rest beside Khalifa Mahmood Khan in Turkey sultan's grave yard. He has authored more than 16 books.

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