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Mamburam Uroos ends in high devotion

Tirurangadi: 183rd Mamburam Uroos has ended with holy Quran completion in high spiritual zest. Thousands were happened to visit Maqam in Uroos days even after the demise of great social reformer and Malabar freedom fighter Mampuram Thangal regardless of race and religion to devour the benedictions of Spiritual leader. Darul huda managing committee has won to facilitate the adequate amenities to pilgrims altogether amid the turbulence of pandemic. Flag hoisting, swalath event, speech events and prayer events have been conducted on behalf of Uroos within the week and a couple of people were only allowed to take part directly. The grand food giving hasn't taken place due to covid 19 restrictions. But a special pack of rice and meal was distributed in mamburam mahal thoroughly. The Uroos has ended officially by the Qur'an completion prayer of the last day at 1:30 pm.

Online facilities please believers

The Maqam committee has facilitated online programs of Uroos to ease pilgrims and believers due to pandemic restrictions. Multiple channels are set up to broadcast the live event of program. The YouTube and Facebook channels of Mampuram Maqam and SKICR and Darshana Tv will be telecasting the live event and the payment options and details are notified through the Maqam website which has been created by five languages and channels.

Manodharpanam: to telecast special programs

Thirurangadi: Special programs regarding life and messages of Mampuram Thangal will be telecasted in the name of Manodharpanam. Speeches of popular speakers in facets like spirituality, history, and information, and different cultural programs to be presented weekly as decided by the Maqam committee. The history of Mamburam Alavi Thangal to be shared among new period and the researchers about him to be translated to different languages were aimed by this program. Believers can watch it through official Mampuram YouTube and Facebook channels. The official declaration has been done by Dr. Bahauddeen Nadwi.

Maqam members feel honored

Thirurangadi: Mampuram Maqam committee members are in rapture to be done by them the social activities that were considered highly reputable and continued for long periods as it were affectionately done by Mampuram sayyid Alavi Thangal to vulnerable societies. Committee had facilitated believers to join the program online. The uroos was 21st after the management has been entrusted to Darul Huda. Different socio education activities have been done by committee. The financial welfare of Islamic traditional institutions in Mampuram are from maqam. Over to this, engagement of beleaguered girls and charity of sick and help for home construction were also undergone by committee. The revenue of Mampuram is also helpful for empowerment of Darul Huda educational scheme.

183rd Mamburam Uroos begins from 10th August

Tirurangadi: Darul Huda Managing Committee, which runs the Mamburam maqam, has decided to hold the 183rd death anniversary of Qutbussaman Syed Alavi Mouladdavila in accordance with the Covid norms from August 10 (Tuesday) to August 17 (Tuesday). Various events such as maqam ziyarat, flag hoisting, religious sermons, prayers and maulid recitation will be held as part of the programme. It also decided to broadcast the ceremonies live online.

Mampuram uroos begins with no-frills.

Thirurangadi: 183rd death anniversary of Mampuram Quthubusaman sayyid Alavi Thangal has begun reverently with flag hoisting done by Sayyid Ahmed jifri. Hence, it seems to be 23 rd anniversary after the authority of Maqam has been transferred to Darul Huda Islamic University. The Maqam has been initially visited in the lead of sayyid Abbasali Shihab with the presence of Dr.Bahauddeen Nadwi and delegates. The program undergoes amid pandemic and strict covid measures have been considered to assure the security of pilgrims and the committee has facilitated the programs to be seen online. The majlisunnoor took place in the lead of fakrudheen Thangal at night and Islamic speech events will be at the next three consecutive days and with a grand prayer event led by Jifri muthukoya Thangal on Tuesday the Uroos will be concluded.

Majlissunnor slakes thousands' thirst.

The spiritual event of Mampuram Uroos, Majlissunnor has satiated thousands of people which has been conducted online. Before pandemic, the event had a peak role to consist of thousands in the Maqam compound itself. The event was led by Sayyid Faqrudhin Kannanthali and paid homage to deceased spiritual leaders of Samastha.

Speech events begin in Uroos The fight for right preservation is inevitable: Sayyid Rasheedali Shihab

Tirurangadi: Rasheedali Shihab states in the inaugural session of 183rd Mampuram Uroos speech event that the struggle for right preservation of minority people is turned out to be inevitable. He added the word democracy is incomplete unless the rights of the minority of a nation are secured and to take a cue from Mampuram Thangal's political policy to unite everyone beyond race and religion and to lead the society developing to the freedom and social revolution. The speech was delivered by Anwar Muhyudheen Hudawi.

Pilgrims are welcomed in strict measures.

Mampuram: The Maqam committee has assured strict measures to welcome pilgrims in 183rd death anniversary of Mamburam Thangal and facilitated visits to the Maqam maintaining covid-19 protocol. Multiple volunteers have been assigned to keep up the pandemic maintenance and the Maqam and atmosphere are being disinfected frequently. The live events are broadcasted through specific channels and payment methods are facilitated online.

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