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Mampuram uroos concludes in high spiritual zest

Thirurangadi: In the absence of food charity and crowds, 182nd Mampuram uroos has winded up with high yielded spirituality. on account of lockdown and restriction issues due to covid-19, maqam committee has telecasted every program online altogether. Albeit, after 182 years of demise of Mampuram Thangal, the revered spiritual leader, social reformer and freedom fighter of Malabar, tens of thousands of people have happened to join online in distinct channels to suck the spiritual grace. The public food distribution hasn’t undergone but food kits were distributed in Mampuram land regardless of religion. The uroos officially ended up with the holy Quran completion prayer yesterday. Couple of respected scholars and esteemed members were joined personally in the program which was telecasted by committee.

Manodharpanam: to telecast special programs

Thirurangadi: Special programs regarding life and messages of Mampuram Thangal will be telecasted in the name of Manodharpanam. Speeches of popular speakers in facets like spirituality, history, and information, and different cultural programs to be presented weekly as decided by the Maqam committee. The history of Mamburam Alavi Thangal to be shared among new period and the researchers about him to be translated to different languages were aimed by this program. Believers can watch it through official Mampuram YouTube and Facebook channels. The official declaration has been done by Dr. Bahauddeen Nadwi.

Maqam members feel honored

Thirurangadi: Mampuram Maqam committee members are in rapture to be done by them the social activities that were considered highly reputable and continued for long periods as it were affectionately done by Mampuram sayyid Alavi Thangal to vulnerable societies. Committee had facilitated believers to join the program online. The uroos was 21st after the management has been entrusted to Darul Huda. Different socio education activities have been done by committee. The financial welfare of Islamic traditional institutions in Mampuram are from maqam. Over to this, engagement of beleaguered girls and charity of sick and help for home construction were also undergone by committee. The revenue of Mampuram is also helpful for empowerment of Darul Huda educational scheme.

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