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Uroos Festivals

Uroos Festivals

  • In connection with the day of Mampuram Sayyid Alavi Thangal's demise, Uroos festivals are held annually. As his demise was in the year 1260 (H)(A.D 1845) on 7th of Muharram , Uroos festivals are held felicitously during the first seven consecutive days of Muharram, under the supervision of Darul huda managing committee. The festival officially commences on Muharram on the heels of Asr prayer with ceremonial flag hoisting that takes place on Maqam premises after a congregational Ziyarath attended by prominent scholarly figures and elder members of Mampuram Thangal's sacred lineage.

    Flag hoisting,congregational Ziyarath, Maulid recitation,religious speeches/orations and Annadanam(food provision) constitute the significant rituals of the festival lasting for a whole week. The food for Annadanam, prepared in Darul Huda and packed by students and teachers is carried to Mampuram via special vehicles to be distributed on Maqam premises. Besides, the food set apart for the residents of Mampuram Mahal is taken directly to their houses. More than 1 lakh food packets are prepared for this grand ceremony intended to feed the hungry and pilgrims. Tens of thousands from far and wide turn up for Annadanam held in the end of festival, irrespective of their religion and caste.

    Another Uroos festival is also taken out each year on Shaaban 15 which marks the day of Sayyid Hasan Jiffri's demise who is well known as Mampuram Thangal's uncle and his most revered pioneer.

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