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Mampuram Thangal's residence

Mampuram Thangal's residence, Maliyekkal house is located hundred metres to the north of Maqam. Close to it, lies Tharammel Masjid which was then an epicenter of Islamic movements aiming at social awakening, spearheaded by Mampuram Thangal.
Unto his death, Thangal lived in Maliyekkal house blessed with his holy relics and sacred memoirs which still attract innumerable visitors. Those who turned up in Mampuram seeking solutions for the riddles and hard-nut troubles of life waited at the doorstep of Maliyekkal house for fair judgments and consoling words. The house was always under the meticulous care of Koman Kuruppu, a devoted servant of Mampuram Thangal from Naduthodi family. Chakkeeri family has been thatching the house since Thangal's times till date, keeping their devotion to him intact over the course of time.
The overall protection of this house, reminiscent of Islamic culture of Malabar and its watershed moments of religious harmony, is shouldered by Darul Huda managing committee which strives to its best, in order to maintain the dignity and glory of this holy residence.

Tharammal Masjid

Tharammal Masjid is situated near by the house of sayyid Alawi Mouladdaveela. Masjid witnessed community development programs led by sayyid Alavi Mouladdaveela and his uncle sayyid Hasan Jifri. His commands for anti colonial struggles against imperialist British force and the frequent interaction with people pertaining religious matters often occurred around this Masjid. Tharammal Masjid is being looked after by Darul Huda Managing Committee.

The graves of Zainul Ulama and Dr. U. Bapputty Haji

The graves of both Zainul Ulama Cherussery Usthad, the former general secretary of Samastha Kerela Jam'iyyathul Ulama and pro- chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University and Bapputty Haji, one of the venerated founding fathers of Darul Huda, are located right in front of Darul Huda campus Masjid, 2.2 km away from Mampuram Maqam.

Muttichira Maqam

Muttichira Maqam is famously marked as the final resting place of the valiants who fell martyrs in the armed conflicts that transpired between British soldiers and Mappilas of Eranad, during the British reign in Malabar. Situated adjacent to Thalappara, on Kozhikkod- Thirur NH, the Maqam is 6.3 away from Mampuram Maqam via NH. It was according to the instruction of Mampuram Thangal , that the memorial was built to the south of Muttichira Masjid after burying the martyrs there.

Maqam of Cheroor martyrs

Maqam of martyrs of Cheroor revolt, the last battle Mampuram Thangal took part in, lies in Kacheripparamba near Chemmad police station.
History bears ample testimony to the fact that Mampuram Thangal had physically participated in this battle which left him a wound that later resulted in his death. One has to cover 1.4 km to reach here from Mampuram.

Kodinji Masjid

The foundation stones of Kodinji Masjid were laid under the direct supervision of Mampuram Thangal. The old structure of Masjid consisted of an upper floor with two rooms and a main hall lying under it , surrounded by a roofed verandah.
Several people from all walks of life show up in Masjid for settling familial and other kinds of disputes as well as taking unbreakable oaths. Kodinji Masjid is well known as Masjid of oath for it is where the disputes are reached to solutions by swearing on God, since the times of Mampuram Thangal till date. This Masjid is located 7.2 kms away from Mampuram.

Grand Juma Masjid of Thirurangadi

Thirurangadi Juma Masjid which had worked as the nerve-centre of Khilafat movements in Malabar, then led by Ali Musliyar, is situated to the south of Mampuram Maqam on the other side of Kadalundipuzha. A major portion of the mosque was made up of wood which was rebuilt in 2004.Before the construction of bridge on the way to Maqam, certain boxes were placed near the mosque for pilgrims to deposit donations in, in order to avoid the risk of crossing river. But now, as the ways to Maqam have become motor able, the boxes are no longer there.

Panakkad Maqam

Here lie Panakkad Sayyid Ahmed Pookkoya, Sayyid Muhammadali Shihab, Sayyid Ahmed Shihabuddeen Imbichikkoya, who served as the grand Qasi of Kozhikkod for over a half century, and Sayyid Umerali Shihab. Panakkad is located as far as 19.5 km away from Mampuram Maqam.

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